Working to Promote Emotional Well-being



Clinic Counseling Services:

Low cost services to children, adolescents, individual, couples and families. Services are provided by our therapist interns, supervised by a licensed professional therapist. 

Safe Haven Status- We provide a safe & supportive environment for victims of domestic violence and are therefore not able to see clients with a history of violence or assault, we do work to refer them for assistance.  Please call to get more information.

We are a Victim Witness Compensation Program provider, for victims of and/or witness to a violent crime, which are in need of mental health counseling.  AVCS also provides counseling to families that meet Dept. of Family and Children Services requirements for DFCS Special Funds.

Who seeks counseling?

On a daily basis we talk to people who are hurting emotionally……..  
Whose lives have been disrupted by the overwhelming stress of dealing with everyday issues.
They call because they are grieving over the death of a loved one, or the end of their marriage.  
They can’t understand why they are making the choices they do, but recognize that they are unhealthy and they need to learn new ways of coping.
They’ve been a victim of abuse and are in need of healing emotionally.
They are dealing with cancer or other life threatening illnesses.
They are lonely, isolated, lacking in self-esteem, socially awkward, being bullied.
They are parents dealing with stress over money concerns, children, aging parents and a changing relationship with their spouse.
They are your neighbors, your friends, your siblings, your parents, you.
We are here…..and we will help.


What to Expect:

Our intake process is a 30 minute professional clinical interview and is conducted over the phone. During the initial call, the Intake Coordinator will assess your needs and describe the services we offer that can help. You will be asked for a brief history of the problem, how it's currently impacting your life, and what you hope to gain from counseling. You may also be asked about any history or current use of self-medication with drugs or alcohol, formal mental health diagnoses or medical conditions impacting mental health, and prescription medications currently being used to treat your condition(s). Please be sure to include any information you feel will help us understand you better and may be relevant to your treatment.

If you and the Intake Coordinator agree that our services are appropriate a fee will be established according to our sliding scale and appointment possibilities will be discussed. Your assigned counselor will contact you to set up your first appointment date and provide you with her voicemail number.

If you provided an e-mail address the initial paperwork may be sent electronically for you to print and fill out before your first appointment. Otherwise, please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out our agreement paperwork.




Call for an appointment?

The Intake Office is open Monday through Thursday, calls are returned after 10am.

E-mail: or call (408) 997-0200 x 205

6529 Crown Blvd, Suite D
San Jose, CA 95120
(408) 997-0200

How You Can Help

We rely on your generosity to continue assisting the San Jose community. We are grateful for your support.