Services We Offer:

Geriatric Assessment–

A complete geriatric assessment, over a series of 3 to 5 visits, will be performed by a trained clinician to assist older adults and their families in making decisions about their care. The assessment is geared towards determining the individual's level of independence and overall quality of life. This assessment will include areas of functioning such as cognitive, behavioral issues, social and spiritual needs.

Life Coaching –

Aging issues dealing with loss and change can be difficult and often overwhelming. We help clients and their families face these challenging days with dignity and compassion. Our team approach addresses the holistic needs and wishes of the Client, from timely referrals for medical and pain management or even household and nutritional assistance. We provide emotional and spiritual support to the family during this time of role change and life choices.

Care Plan–

Sometimes all a parent or loved one needs to remain independent at home is a little extra support. We have the resources to help develop a plan. A care plan that includes such needs as homecare, shopping, and household management for example. We can also suggest activities and methods of interaction to help loved ones get out and about to community and family events.



How to Enroll

Please send an email to or by phone at 408-997-0200.