Agency Description

Almaden Valley Counseling Service (AVCS) is a private, non-profit counseling agency committed to meeting the mental health concerns of all people with an emphasis on youth. AVCS offers counseling services at our clinic to ALL AGES – children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Our full range of services are offered on a sliding-scale fee basis and our goal is to promote personal growth, positive family relationships and emotional well-being. Our Counselor on Campus (COC) program provides school-site counseling to students at local elementary, middle and high schools.

Internship Program

The AVCS internship program offers trainees or registered associates the opportunity to accrue required hours to become Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors and Licensed Social Workers, to provide services to both agency clients (children/teens/individual adults/couples/families) and on-site at local public schools (elementary/middle/high school) in our Counselor on Campus (COC) program. Our supervisors are licensed MFTs & LCSW's with active private practices.

The Associate Can Expect To:

  • Standard internship is working 18-20 hours per week working with agency and school-site clients. These hours will include 1-5 days per week at a school site and 6-8 client hours at the agency and teaching a parenting class. The majority of agency clinical hours are in the late afternoon and evening, however daytime and weekend hours are available. At least one evening is mandatory and two are advised. We do offer a limited number or internships with more hours per week so that interns can accrue hours at a faster rate. These internships will generally be working at a school site daily for 6 hours per day and doing clinical agency work in the afternoons and evening hours.

  • Teach a parenting class based on Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP).

  • Attend 2 hours of Group Supervision once a week. One hour/week of Individual Supervision is scheduled at the convenience of the supervisor and the associate.

  • Attend mandatory periodic Training's.


  1. Trainees must be Masters level counseling or clinical psychology students enrolled in a graduate school program or a registered associates working on hours toward licensure.

  2. Placements are for a full year starting in August.

  3. Trainees and associates provide their own malpractice insurance.

Benefits of Working at AVCS

  • Gain a variety of experience in both a school and agency setting. Our clients present with a broad range of issues giving the trainee or associate the opportunity to work with many presenting problems. The agency setting is conducive to therapy with children, individuals, couples and/or families. The school site provides interns with the chance to provide outreach, assessment, referral, and crisis management as well as short-term counseling.

  • Excellent supervision is provided by LMFT's and LCSW's working from various theoretical orientations. We are also committed to providing high-quality training's on a regular basis.

  • Most of our trainees and associates are planning on entering private practice upon licensure. AVCS is set up to support this goal by giving associates the responsibility for scheduling sessions and collecting payment from the agency clients. After licensure, we rent office space at a reasonable rate to help newly licensed therapists get their practices started.

  • Associates receive a yearly stipend. Trainees are not paid.

Send Resumés to:
Katy Carter, MA
Executive Director